Powercall 86M Remote 100 Watt Emergency Siren (IN STOCK)

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This unit is now IN STOCK and can be shipped withing 24 hours once ordered!

The Powercall 86M is the latest 2024 "Fierstien Brand" Emergency Siren. This unit was designed and certified by David Fierstien of Powercall Sirens LLC in Northern Virginia. All circuitry, certifications and build specifications are the sole property of David Fierstien and Powercall Emergency Sirens(r). This unit is a 100 watt emergency siren that has a small remote head, giving you the "Longer Wail Tone" as requested by many of my customers. The industry standard Yelp, a smoother "Less Break" Powercall Tone as requested by many of my customers, the whoop and the intersection tone. Pair with that the electronic airhorn, enclosed in a small LED lit remote head and you're ready to roll.

Powercall 86M Wail Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/_pIdQyIdBas?si=Vx-Kg6u7vDy4XlTK

Powercall 86M Yelp Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/aTrSXIJf2Fk?si=0DkdFZdu335v0dqY

Powercall 86M Powercall Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/mWswn0ma6OQ?si=YHhoFeFyGWF3Vulr

Powercall 86M Whoop Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/g8AuPfIlc9E?si=2saJN0Qv7oaLazvy

Powercall 86M Air Horn Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/KWm1XFQ_2Ik?si=G9mnkWizR4sZTwYu

Powercall UDX7 Intersection Demo: https://youtube.com/shorts/hUHESBUT_JA?si=fV3FvENdqWq40MZP


This is a 100-watt siren that can be wired for 100 watts using one speaker, like my Powercall 6DX. The unit can be powered by any 100 watt siren speaker as long as that speaker is not hooked ot any other unit.

The Powercall tone in the siren is a unique tone that gets people's attention better than your standard siren sounds, making them react to your apparatus faster. Never settle for the imitation by the other manufacturers, "ALWAYS ASK FOR THE FIERSTIEN BRAND!"

My sirens now also come with an extended warranty option. Normal warranty on all my units are 2  years against any internal defects or craftmanship. You have the option now to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost. 

Normal 2 year warranty - INCLUDED
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 3 year warranty - $39.90
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 5 year warranty - $69.90

1) Wail (All-New, Sounds like a PA-300)
2) Yelp (All-New, Sounds like a PA-300)
3) Powercall (Warble) with no break at the bottom
5) Whoop
6) Intersection
8) Air Horn

The base unit is 6" from left to right, 5.25" from front to back and 1.5" Tall. The unit has mounting tabs on both sides x 2.

The Remote Unit is 4.75" from left to right, 3" from front to back which includes the knob sticking out, 1.6" Tall from top to bottom.

Most any 100 Watt siren speaker will work on our sirens.  Our best recommendation is the Powercall 6DX Siren Speaker. Our siren speakers are specifically designed to handle our Powercall tone and all other siren tones. They have 2-year warranty also. You can run 1 speaker to obtain 100 watts.

2 Year Parts warranty is standard, with an extended warranty option. All Powercall Sirens are serviced directly through Powercall Sirens and David Fierstien. Each unit requires 1 or 2, 11-ohm siren speakers sold individually.