Powercall DTX Dual Tone Powercall Emergency Siren

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The Powercall DTX is David Fierstien's latest 2023 version of the DX series Powercall Siren with a DUAL TONE capability. This new siren has a new advanced microprocessor-based technology and features the highest quality circuitry and design, keeping with the industry standard. This siren, just like the UDX7 ,has all newly updated tones, including a "PA-300" sounding Wail and Yelp, which will trigger most traffic preemption systems and gates. It also has a more defined Powercall (Warble) tone, that was taken directly from one of our GE units, the Whoop tone, a Hi-Low, Phaser, Airhorn and the always popular Intersection mode. This siren has exactly the same capabilities as the Powercall UDX7, but is missing the PHASER option, to allow for DUAL TONES.

The Sounds of this siren can be seen by going to the following YouTube Links:

Powercall DTX Wail Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/eKtorg1TvPo
Powercall DTX Yelp Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/Xl9ziiIsQ8M
Powercall DTX Hi-Low Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/PL8unQxhWVM
Powercall DTX Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/Ch-lVEsrC4Y
Powercall DTX Whoop Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/ECIU9otN4II
Powercall DTX USB/MP3 Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/-qSb24T8Ehs
Powercall DTX Air Horn Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/FQI-D5zmeZo
Powercall DTX Intersection Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/pEaRrAwN2Ik
Powercall DTX Wail/Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/lYfOro0O6nI
Powercall DTX Yelp/Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/lev_q8xFnnE
Powercall DTX Hi-Low/Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/nv1seNbaZzY
Powercall DTX Powercall/Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/d60JZ7XOj5U
Powercall DTX Whoop/Powercall Sound Demo: https://youtu.be/kpae7JJC2qs

My sirens now also come with an extended warranty option. Normal warranty on all my units are 2  years against any internal defects or craftmanship. You have the option now to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost. 

Normal 2 year warranty - INCLUDED
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 3 year warranty - $39.90
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 5 year warranty - $69.90

When running this unit, to get it's full use, you will need to have a 2 speaker setup.

SPEAKER 1 on this unit, will run any of the tones that the normal siren will operate using the selector knobs and buttons.

SPEAKER 2, generates the POWERCALL tone only when activated.

So when you are using the siren, you can use it as a normal 100 watt siren and have all the tones that the unit offers, but when you hit the DUAL TONE button, the additional 100 watts will come from the 2nd speaker and will be the POWERCALL TONE, added to the 1st tone you are already running.
The system also has the industries "FIRST" USB port on the front of the unit that will play an MP3 file you save on the flash drive. Please remember that the USB is not as loud as the actual siren generated tone. The USB also is not meant to be used as an actual siren. It's more meant for music, sound effects etc. The USB volume and siren volume are controlled by the volume control, but take note that the USB sound is not as loud as the actual siren generated tone and is used for recreational purposes. Remember that the quality of the MP3 you record on your USB drive is what you will get from the siren. It may not always be clear and blaring loud, remember it's just an MP3 sound :)

This is NFPA compliant under our highest-powered UDX 87.01 Series board. The UDX series units are our most powerful sirens and have all the features that you can ask for in an electronic siren.  The Powercall tone in the siren is a unique tone that gets people's attention better than your standard siren sounds, making them react to your apparatus faster. Never settle for the imitation by the other manufacturers, "ALWAYS ASK FOR THE FIERSTIEN BRAND!"

1) Wail (All-New, Sounds like a PA-300)
2) Yelp (All-New, Sounds like a PA-300)
3) Hi-Low
4) Powercall (Warble) Re-created
5) Whoop
6) Phaser
7) Intersection
8) Air Horn
9) USB (MP3 Input)

The 2nd siren speaker (Speaker 2) runs the POWERCALL TONE only when activated by the DUAL TONE button.

Most any 100 Watt siren speaker will work on our sirens.  Our best recommendation is the Powercall 6DX Siren Speaker. Our siren speakers are specifically designed to handle our Powercall tone and all other siren tones. They have 2-year warranty also. You can run 1 speaker to obtain 100 watts or run 2 speakers and run a powerful 200 watts! 

NFPA Compliant under our UDX Series 87.01 Board, my higheset powered Powered 2023 Microprocessor Controlled unit. Our new wail and yelp tones adhere to the cycling and frequency requirements outlined in SAE J1849 so they can be recognized by the general public.

2 Year Parts warranty. Serviced directly through Powercall Sirens Tech Support. Requires 1 or 2, 11-ohm siren speakers sold individually.

The exact dimensions of the Powercall UDX7 are as follows:
From Left to Right, 6.25"
From Top to Bottom, 2.3"
From Front to Back 6.4 Plus wiring strip 

The screw holes from back to the hole are 3". Contact David Fierstien for inquiries about becoming a re-seller for our units. Minimums must be met and an opening dealer order must be placed to become a Powercall dealer. Contact support@powercallsirens.com for more info!