Powercall Jack Hammer Low Frequency Siren Addition

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The "Jack Hammer" is now in stock and available!

As of January 13th, 2023, unfortunately, material costs have gotten to the point where prices increases have become mandatory. I've held prices on my Powercall Sirens firm for almost 5 years, even know there have been many price increases mandated to us in that time period. The January price increases of parts has gotten to the point where the increase in part costs cannot be ignored. I've kept it as low as possible, I promise...David.

My sirens now also come with an extended warranty option. Normal warranty on all my units are 2  years against any internal defects or craftmanship. You have the option now to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost. 

Normal 2 year warranty - INCLUDED
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 3 year warranty - $39.90
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 5 year warranty - $69.90

The Jack Hammer is the Powercall, "Fierstien Brand" version of the Low Frequency siren add on. This unit offers an amazing Low frequency burst to any siren you add to it. Watch the video from YouTube in on this listing or you can go directly at https://youtu.be/tQlj8k1yEaE

This unit comes with the Jack Hammer module shown, a universal mounting application, wiring and the control box. The control box also has a timer for the tones on it, to run it only a certain amount of time (More to come on that).

*Sound output: 120 dB
*Frequency: 450-1500HZ
*Size of speaker: 6.9" in Diameter x 8.5" Tall
*100 Watt speaker
*Weight: 8.5lbs

  • The Jack Hammer's low frequencies deliver up to 10 dB more sound pressure inside standard vehicles that are near emergency vehicles, which helps get the attention of drivers and and assists in clearing traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone. 
  • Pair this unit to work simultaneously with most any primary siren unit.
  • Produces penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves
  • The unit works with most 100/200 W emergency vehicle siren amplifiers
  • Activate this unit by any toggle switch or triggering method.
  • Timer settings allow automatic tone shutdown (Programmable)
  • Highly effective in environments with heavy vehicle traffic.
  • This unit has a 2 year parts warranty through Powercall Sirens.