Powercall FM-6 USB Mechanical 100 Watt Amplifier

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As of January 13th, 2023, unfortunately, material costs have gotten to the point where prices increases have become mandatory. I've held prices on my Powercall Sirens firm for almost 5 years, even know there have been many price increases mandated to us in that time period. The January price increases of parts has gotten to the point where the increase in part costs cannot be ignored. I've kept it as low as possible, I promise...David.

My sirens now also come with an extended warranty option. Normal warranty on all my units are 2  years against any internal defects or craftmanship. You have the option now to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost. 

Normal 2 year warranty - INCLUDED
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 3 year warranty - $39.90
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 5 year warranty - $69.90

The FM6 is another "Fierstien Brand" Emergency Sound amplifier. This unit is a single tone, 100 Watt Amplifier that comes pre-loaded with the Mechanical Siren Sound. The unit DOES NOT have the capability to control the sound going up and down, it is a pre-recorded sound and honestly one of our most popular!

Remember that these units are not meant to be a frontline siren tone, they are just meant for recreational/pub ed purposes. Our company does not recommend or advertise this as a front line siren tone. These are mostly used for parades, public eduction events and recreational activities. Pleaes remember this when considering this unit.
The unit is controlled by an internal flash drive that has an actual Mechanical sound (See the YouTube video in the picture list. This is not a re-made version or an "Electronic Que" sound, but the sound of an actual mechanical unit. This siren comes with 2 toggle switches. The first one activates and de-activates power to the unit. The 2nd momentary switch, turn the sound on and off.
This unit requires one speaker of 100 Watts, 11ohms, which must be purchased separately and can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The Module dimensions are 6 3/4 wide (Left to right), 5.25" top to bottom and 1.75" Tall

***The FM6 is IN STOCK.***