Powercall USB6100 MP3 100 Watt Amplifier (Discontinuing Unit)

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The USB6100 will no longer be produced once the stock of this product is sold out. 

The Powercall USB6100 is the 2nd generation, USB MP3 Siren Amplifier. Created and designed by David Fierstien of Powercall Sirens. Our unit is the Industry "Game Changer". Now you can have any siren sound you want, any sound effect you want, all within one unit and as loud, if not louder than your normal response siren. You don't have to worry about the draw that a federal will have on your rig or your vehicle. You don't have to buy a different siren to get a different tone. Just purchase the USB6100 and you can have all of those, in one unit. A guaranteed "Game Changer".

This unit will amplify any sound, recorded in an MP3 format, to 100 watts, using any 100-watt siren speaker. This "Fierstien Brand" siren is the first of it's kind and will prove to be an amazing option for you. Just imagine the possibilities. The unit also has a 100-watt electronic air horn that has its own trigger switch on the remote control.

1) Use the unit to amplify any sound you can possibly imagine in MP3 format.

2) Use the unit for the holidays during Santa rides. No more holding your phone up to the PA microphone. With the USB6100, just record your music in an MP3 format onto any USB stick and plug it in and with full volume control.

Imagine what you can do. With Fierstien behind the idea, it's amazing what you can create. Choose any siren sound file, train horn sounds, regular siren tones, Que siren sounds, Wail, Yelp, a combination of any tones, music, sound effects, you name it. If you can think it up, we can export it to an MP3 file. This solution is a fantastic new option.

Remember that this unit is not an "NFPA Certified" unit by any means. This is a just a 100-watt amplifier that can amplify any sound that is exported on to a USB Stick in the MP3 format.

The unit's remote control is a 4 button remote, along with the USB input, and also has 2 volume buttons, so you can control the volume coming out of your speaker. The wiring is molded in from the back and the controller has mounting tabs on each side.

The unit is built, certified, and warrantied by Powercall Sirens and holds a 2-year parts warranty. Each unit comes with the USB6100 Module, Remote head with the wiring bundle and a fuse holder. Also, now, each unit when purchased comes with a USB drive that has the original GE Powercall Sound, Train Horn Sound, Mechanical Siren, Ecto Siren, and the Minion Tone, all on one USB Stick! 

The measurements of the USB6100 unit are 5"W x 5"L x 1.55"T
The measurements of the remote are 5.3" W x  2.28" L x 1.25" Tall