Powercall USB7 100 Watt usb (MP3) Sound Amplifier

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My sirens now also come with an extended warranty option. Normal warranty on all my units are 2  years against any internal defects or craftmanship. You have the option now to purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost. 

Normal 2 year warranty - INCLUDED
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 3 year warranty - $39.90
Extending the 2 year warranty to a 5 year warranty - $69.90

The Powercall USB7 is another "Fierstien Brand" USB (MP3) amplifier. This unit is designed to amplify any MP3 sound you can put on a flash drive. The convenient  USB port on the side of the unit make it easy for you to change the USB drive when you want. 

Please remember that this unit is an amplified USB (MP3) sound only. It is not as loud as an actual generated siren tone, the sound will be about 80 watts, possibly more depending on the sound quality of the MP3 you loaded on to your drive.
The unit is controlled by a toggle switch that provided a QUICK NEGATIVE PULSE to the RMT RED Terminal. Remember it's not a solid negative pulse, just a quick burst of it.

The USB7 comes with the module shown, a small wiring bundle for Power, Ground, 2 Speaker wires and 2 wires for activation, a Fusible link, an on/off toggle switch and a momentary toggle for activation.
This unit requires one speaker of 100 Watts, 11ohms, which must be purchased separately and can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The Module dimensions are 6 3/4 wide (Left to right), 5.25" top to bottom and 1.75" Tall. All of our units have a 2 YEAR parts warranty on all internal working components. Improper installation and/or speaker wiring issues are not covered under warranty.